Field Care Instructions
The amount of care you take of your trophy in the field has EVERYTHING to do with the quality of the finished product.  Poor care can mean unattractive mounts, costly repair work, or complete loss of the specimen.  Following these guidelines, and a little common sense, will insure your trophy will arrive at our shop in good condition.
NEVER cut the throat.
NEVER hang the trophy by the neck with a rope.
NEVER cut down the back or up the brisket.      
NEVER get the hide wet.
NEVER drag the animal if possible, especially on shoulders.
ALWAYS get the animal to the taxidermist immediately.
ALWAYS freeze your trophy immediately if you can't get it to the taxidermist right away.
ALWAYS save plenty of hide.  Too much is better than too little.
ALWAYS insert hide or specimens in plastic bag (just before freezing!!).
Refer to drawings as an example on where to cut.
If being mounted in a 3/4 or 1/2 life-size mount it should always be cut up the back to the neck, as many animals don't have enough hair on the chest to  hide the stitches.
ALWAYS insert hide or specimens in a plastic bag (just before freezing!!)
Should be cut up the backs of the legs and from the chest to the tail.
Feet should be cut off a the wrist and left in the skin.
The head should be cut at the neck and left in the skin.
ALWAYS insert hide or specimens in a plastic bag (just before freezing!!)
Should be CASED if possible.  Cut up the back legs and invert skin legs to feet, then cut through ankles and leave feet in.  Peel (like a sock) down body to head, then cut off its head leaving a couple of inches to measure neck.
After harvesting your bird immediately dab any blood from the feathers with a soft cloth or paper towel.
NEVER wring the birds neck!!!
Handle the bird VERY gently and avoid losing ANY feathers.  Try to handle the bird only by the feet it possible.
If available, slide the bird in an old pair of panty hose.
Otherwise you may wrap it in a dry towel.
Place in a PLASTIC BAG and FREEZE.
Get the bird to the taxidermist as soon as possible.
Birds freezer burn very quickly!
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